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Our Manufacturing program

Emulsion polymerization is our core activity, while product diversification is the company’s strategic choice in our pursuit of customer satisfaction.

An aqueous emulsion resin, like any other product, is an embodiment of tangible and intangible attributes which customers are entitled to draw satisfaction from.
Thus, we believe, every business encounter, no matter how unique in its situational setting, must invariably view the customer at its core.

In a volatile marketing environment, product diversification represents the foundation of our growth orientation which is reflected in all other elements of our marketing strategy, the nature and magnitude of our production facilities, our human resource management policy, as well as our basic operating procedures.
To safeguard customer interests against chronic shortages of raw materials, Resinfam Co. has found it inevitable but to invest heavily in raw material inventories to supply customers regularly with what products they need, where and when they need them.

To accommodate customer demand for specialty products, we offer a wide range of engineering services including custom-made products, tailored against customer requirements, and test produced in pilot reactors of various configurations.

Our products are offered in four major categories with each category comprising of several products with generally common recipes but discernable, built-in variations in chemical properties and application fields.
The variations in product attributes have been achieved over time through constant customer feed-back and dedicated research and development activities conducted by highly qualified and motivated young professionals spearheading the company’s drive towards higher levels of manufacturing expertise.
Product quality is an overriding element of the company's marketing strategy. The total quality concept prevailing at Resinfam demands that rigid controls should be exercised throughout the manufacturing process to ensure that customers are given par value for their money.

The company's favorable corporate image is indeed an epitome of an organizational culture which has evolved over the years to recognize quality assurance as a prerequisite for customer satisfaction which is, in turn, viewed as the most viable guarantee of our survival.

Our product line

1- Additives:
This category comprises of several products commonly used as additives in down-stream manufacturing operations by our customers. This category includes an Acrylic dispersing agent required by paint and adhesives manufacturers, a highly popular Acrylic thickener and a plasticizing agent commonly used by manufacturers of water- based resins.

2- Vinyl Acetate Homopolymer Dispersions:
Resinfam Co. is widely acclaimed as the pioneering suppliers of quality Vinyl-Acetate homopolymers.
The company’s diversified line of homopolymers is subscribed by a fairly large clientele primarily for carpet back-coating, fabric sizing, wood and paper adhesives.

3- Vinyl Acetate/Acrylic Copolymer Dispersions:
This category includes the widest range of Vinyl-Acetate Copolymers and terpolymers each meticulously optimized for a dedicated field of application. The leading product in this range is and Acrylic-Vinyl Acetate pigment printing binder with a commanding market share of above 80%.
Other products in this range are primarily intended for the production of architectural coatings.

4- Styrene Acrylics and Pure Acrylic Dispersions:
The products in this range are backed up by State-of-the-art technologies transferred under contractual arrangements with leading European companies. Since they had first been launched in the latter half of the 1990s, the new products have enjoyed a substantial sales turnover and a healthy growth rate.
Resinfam Styrene-Acrylics are widely used as construction chemicals for the production of tile and concrete adhesives.
They are also often applied to enhance the water resistance properties of concrete and mortar.
The pure acrylic dispersions are used for the production of interior and exterior wall paints, for the production of non-woven textiles and high quality adhesives.

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